To Edith and Orna,
CONGRATULATIONS!!!  I received a text from Father Frank last night and he said they have had a tremendous experience.

He is impressed by your professionalism and the fact that you go above and beyond. So, he is very happy with the tour and with the two of you!
This is really special to me and I know to Fr Frank and the group as well.
With much gratitude

My Trip to Israel
Words are difficult to find to describe my trip to Israel recently. I went to walk in the foot steps of Jesus but to think of all the places in the Old Testament that you visit also brings the entire Bible to life. I cannot open my Bible now or talk to someone about the Bible without feeling a part of the country and a part of its history. The plans were by Bibleland4U Travel were made to accommodate the group’s
wishes to see everything that could be worked into the 8 days we had in Israel. The hotels were first class and the food was something that you would not expect to find in a hotel. The buffets offered to our group were tremendous and if you left hungry it was your own fault. All of the staff at the hotels were pleasant and accommodating to us.
The tour company Bibleland4U Travel’s employees and owners could not have been more helpful and friendly. Lifetime friends were truly made on this trip.
The sights were incredible…to see what I have read about for years was a dream come true. This was my second trip to Israel and I saw things a second time but with a new perspective. One of my favorite parts of the trip is visiting in Old Jerusalem and walking the streets as a modern day person and imagining what it would have been like in the early Bible periods. The countryside really opens your mind to how difficult it was for the Biblical people to get around without our modern day modes of travel. The gardens and churches are spectacular. Another memorable moment this trip was
when we had a devotion in the garden near the old olive trees and remembered the suffering that Jesus had endured before he was crucified. Sitting there thinking about the history under those trees really affected my understanding of Christ’s suffering and sacrifice for me. I will never be the same after that day.
My prayers will be with the people who call Israel home and for those of us who feel a part of that country after visiting and learning about the history. Thank you all for opening your land to those of us who feel that connection.
Peggy M. Phalen St. George, SC, USA
February 24, 2017